Contributing to sinabs

We welcome developers to build and contribute to sinabs.

Please email for a contributors license agreement.

How do you go about it?

Short answer: fork, make changes, merge request to sinabs.

Develop from: master branch of sinabs.

The most straight-forward workflow to contribute would be to fork the repository and make your changes. Once you finalize your changes, please create a merge request.

Please see gitlab’s explanation on Forking Workflow for a detailed explanation.

Coding style

Please adhere to the coding style of the library when you develop your contributions. We use pep8 + black code style and formatting.


We use pytest for testing the library. Install the necessary packages by running the following command.

$ pip install -r test-requirements.txt

All tests are located in the tests/ folder and can be run using pytest.

$ cd /path/to/sinabs/
$ pytest

It is critical that your additions have a corresponding test case and all current tests pass for a merge request be accepted.